Tournoi Finale 2016-2017 - Montreal Pool League

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Tournoi en Equipe / Team Tournament

Round Robin Results "A"

1st Place      Suicide Kings
2nd Place       Les Canons
3rd Place               Sharks
4th Place      Chimpmonks
5th Place      Chez Helene

Round Robin Results "B"

1st Place      Heavy Hitters
2nd Place       Men in Black
3rd Place       Les Maganes
4th Place      Flexing Shafts
5th Place             La Gang

Play-off Final Results

1st Place "A"        Les Canons
2nd Place "A"      Suicide Kings

1st Place "B"       Men in Black
2nd Place "B"     Heavy Hitters

Total Prizes        2700$

Tournoi en simple / Singles Tournament

Tournament "A"

1st                                     Real Sauvageau
2nd                                   Philippe Comeau
3rd                                    Pascal Tremblay
4th                                        Mario Lauzon
5th/6th              Bernard Gagnon, Ying Yang

Tournament "B"

1st                                 Jayson Underdown
2nd                                      Richard Huynh
3rd                                         Jaison Rajan
4th                                 Bertrand Lacombe
5th/6th      Sylvain Dufresne, Martin Boutilier

Total Prizes     1260$
Gagnant du Tirage du Grand prix
Winner Grand Prize Draw

Gagnant du Tirage Dual Force
Dual Force Draw Winner

Dan Chan
Gagnant Baguette Adam
Adam Cue Winner

Sebastian Galarneau
1ie place Ligue
1st Place League



Dave Woo

Joueur Plus Ameliore
Most Improved Player

Sebastian Galarneau

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